“Treasures of the deep”

K. Johnson

Catherine’s piano prayers are overflowing with the musical influences and ideas that capture her interest.  Her love of melodic line, minimalism, bitonality, folk & early music are all evident in the way that she writes for piano, yet somehow she manages to skilfully blend them together in an organic style that is uniquely her own.


You can listen to digital recordings by Catherine over on bandcamp, where you can also purchase her barefoot piano prayers tracks to continue enjoying over and over again.


For those of you who prefer to hold a tangible product in your hands and flick through the booklet as you listen, glass in hand at the end of the day there’s the ‘Barefoot Originals’ limited edition album.

“A sneaky peek into the birth of barefoot piano prayers”


‘Barefoot Originals’ is a collection of the original acoustic recordings of the first barefoot piano prayers Catherine ever wrote.


The CD is accompanied by an eight page booklet containing notes on the origins of each track.  It also includes biographical information about Catherine, details about the barefoot piano prayers project and the concept behind the ‘Barefoot Originals’ album.

Being something akin to a musical diary this collection is very personal to Catherine, so the release of ‘Barefoot Originals’ as a limited edition is a way of honouring the specialness and intimacy of the music & recordings.


Digital sheet music is available for the majority of Catherine’s piano prayers priced from £3.99 so if there’s a track that particularly resonates with you and you’d like to have a go at playing it at home just get in touch.

Don’t worry if the piece you’d like hasn’t already been polished ready for sale, Catherine will look out the manuscript and clean up her scribbles for you if you’d like a copy.

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