“Treasures of the deep”

K. Johnson


Catherine’s piano prayers are overflowing with the musical influences and ideas that capture her interest.  Her love of melodic line, minimalism, bitonality, folk & early music are all evident in the way that she writes for piano, yet somehow she manages to skilfully blend them together in an organic style that is uniquely her own.

You can listen and buy recordings of Catherine playing barefoot below.

If you’d like to purchase sheet music for any of the piano prayers please just get in touch.

All my tracks are available to listen to free of charge initially and then cost £1 each to purchase although there is the option to give more if you would like to.

This is my way of reconciling my need to earn a living with my desire to make quality musical experiences available to as many people as possible irrespective of their personal circumstances.


If you’d like to purchase any of the piano prayers in sheet music please just get in touch and I’ll clean up my scribbles for you if I haven’t already got it polished and ready for sale.

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